Frank R Molver (23 Dec 2011)
"Obama menorah cunundrum solved, photo"

Here is a picture that will hopefully  clarify this Menorah thing.
Look at the blond lady in the background.
Look at her shadow.
The shadow is below her meaning the lighting is from above.
If the shot was straight on you would also see her head lower then Obama's
Unless of course she is around 6 foot 6
That would mean the gentleman on her left is over 7 ft
I don't think so
The angle is shot downward
The menorah's middle candle is off set forward.
Therefore it looks lower then the others.
looking down on it the pattern would be like this.
So taking a shot looking downward on this configuration the middle candle will look lower
This is the shape of the Menorah I showed an example of in my previous post.
If you google white house menorah you will see that they have used many different types of Menorah's in the past.
Now go to this link
Now use the zoom ICON under the picture and zoom into the Menorah
You will see that the candle is on one of the Menorah holders and it is off set forward.
Now you will see that lady and  man behind Obama in the picture pasted here as Joe Biden and his wife
I would guess she is about 5 ft 5
Case solved.