Elliot Hong (27 Dec 2011)
"To Marilyn Agee:  My Love and Prayer for You and Ed"

Dear Marilyn:
Thank you very much for the letter.
It brought me to tears.
I'm praying with love for you and Ed for "going up together in the Rapture!"
Only 3 days left until the end of Hanukkah, but I still firmly believe it'll happen.
Throughout my life I learned the pattern of God that He always works at the last moment.
So just hang on!
The Bride should be able to understand the heart of our Lord how much He loves and wants
to save His Chosen People as well as Left Behind People. If the Rapture of the Church occurs
during Hanukkah, the Chosen People will learn that one of their Feasts has been fulfilled for
the Bride of the Church who was replaced with them to marry the Almighty. And they'll become
angry and jealousy as Paul prophesied in Romans.  Furthermore, they'll learn that the Spring
Feasts were all fulfilled exactly by Yeshua, and the Fall Feasts will be fulfilled for them by the
2nd coming of Christ.  Ultimately this understanding will lead them to accept Yeshua as their
True Messiah.
Also when Left Behind people learn this undeniable Scriptural evidences, they'll find the truth,
and be saved from the deception of satan as I mentioned in the previous post.
If the Rapture takes place on any regular day, I don't see how they'll learn the perfection of
this God's amazing design and God's love how much He wants to save them by demonstrating
His perfection.
Looking forward meeting you and Ed with all Doves very soon after we're all transformed into
young(early 30s) and beautiful glorified body.
In Love of Yeshua,