Elliot Hong (2 Dec 2011)
"New Thoughts about Hanukkah"

Dear Doves:
There were some good articles about Hanukkah including a recent one of Ron Reese.
And I thought it's a good idea to put them together with some new thoughts.
1) Since Hanukkah is the added feast to the original 7 Feasts that Moses received, it
    could be designed for the Church.
2) We all know the 8.8 "Concepcion" EQ was the definite sign from the Almighty and
    try to figure out when "Delivery" will come.
    According to Zola Levitte's teaching, 8 Feasts represent each important developing
    stage from "Conception" to "Delivery", so Hanukkah could be designed for "Delivery"
    that is written in Rev.12:5.
3) Hanukkah was originated from the rededication of the Temple which was defiled by
    Antiochus lll, so it's called as the Feast of "Dedication" or "Lights".
    Ever since the Holy Spirit came, a body of believer is the temple, and it makes sense
    that true believers who are "Lights" of the world are dedicated to the Father God on
4) We all know Haggai is associated with Hanukkah, and the message of Haggai deals
    with Rebuilding and Sanctification of the Temple.
5) Jesus observed the Feast of Dedication as it's written in John 10:22, and following
    verses of 27-30 give a hint of the Rapture.
6) Hanukkah is the 8th feast and observed for 8 days, and we all know an importance of
    the 8th day.  Jesus was also dedicated in the Temple on the 8th day from the birth.
    Could the 8th day of Hanukkah be what Charity's vision "5,6,7,Jesus!" meant?
    It may not be a coincidence that the coming 8th day of the 8th feast is a conclusion of
    the 8.8 "Concepcion" EQ.
    Also the 8th day of Hanukkah is THE THIRD DAY of Tevet, and Tevet was the month
    when Esther was chosen as the Queen. In addition, the first day of Tevet (New Moon)
    this year happens to be "Christmas" as well as the Lord's day. According to a documentary
    "A Star in Bethlehem", it was Dec.25(1 year later from the birth) when the wise men came
    to Bethlehem to worship the King.
    Is this why the Lord told Amanda "I'll make it obvious" and someone heard "It'll be on a
    Gentile Holiday"?
7) It's very possible that the current tension in the ME could be developed to the Climax by
    the coming Hanukkah.
This is just a study, and hopefully the Blessed Hope could come much early.