Elliot Hong (14 Dec 2011)
"Personal Confirmation?"

Dear Doves:
There is no doubt that the Blood Red Moon Eclipse which occurred on Dec.10 was the definite major sign from the Almighty. A question is then when the Judgment will begin. 3 days, 7 days or 10 days from it?
I received an email of Angela's testimony on Dec.8 that she saw clearly 5,6,7 (just like Charity's)
in a vision, and after her vision, she opened the door and a moth flew in and remained in her house.
This vision was given before the Eclipse, and she didn't mention anything about it, but the Lord knows
each watchmen well, and it's possible that He let us coordinate each other to find an answer.
To me, her house could represent an ark while a moth could represent a pre-transformation stage of
the Bride, and 5,6,7 could mean a "7 day warning".  Thus, it's possible to assume that in 7 days from
the Eclipse, the door of Ark will be shut and the Judgment will begin.
And I believe that once the Judgment begins, a catastrophe in US, the ME war and the Departure could
occur in order within a week, so it aligns with my previous posts about possible Christmas Rapture.
The recent messages of Charity and Virginia Arnke including other visions and dreams plus the current
tension in the ME are all suggesting this possiblility.
Then, amazingly, a beautiful small insect flew in when I opened the door the other night and remained
on wall.  It was not a moth, but it never happened before, and I thought it could be a confirmation from 
the Holy Spirit approving my thoughts are right.
I had a similar confirmation right after last Rosh Hashanah that a Dove came by the window of my room
which reminded me a beautiful experience I had in the Upper Room of Jerusalem a while ago.
I'm not saying "This is it!", but I felt strongly to share this story.