Edwina (29 Dec 2011)
"Rone Reese I BELIEVE is correct, and I have changed me mind!!"

Dear John and Doves,
Ever since Jesus said to me in June 2008 - I AM COMING SOON....I have been trying to get my head around all the prophetic apocrypha, the Book of Enoch, the Watchers, the aliens, the crop circles, the evil in the RC church and all the other "signs of the  End-Times"....Daniels seventy weeks and the misssing week, the complete learning of all the Jewish Feasts and even the heritage we enjoy from the Jewish people.....I honestly thought that we were not in the Tribulation now.....that we couldn't possibly be because the anti-christ was here? and we shouldn't be.?
Maths is not my finest area, neither am I a formal bible scholar...just hungry for God and hungry for knowledge - I have bought more books in this last few years than in my entire life.
I am now positive that Ron has the answers all put together, I cannot see how his point of view can be in error.
I thank him most sincerely for helping me to finally get a grip of all these numbers (occultic) and can finally now embrace the idea that we are really already in the Tribulation. I never knew I could have changed my mind so comprehensively, if he is incorrect then I cannot understand why.
I would highly recommend Tom Horns APPOLYON RISING 2012...which was a definate turning point for my understanding.
Well done Ron and I thank you so VERY VERY much for helping me to wait for Jesus to come for us with solid information and dedication.
I hope you are right Ron, I cannot wait to leave this earth it is so painful to feel all the culminating evil.
See you soon hopefully,