Edwina (29 Dec 2011)
"to Whodathunk in defence of The Shroud and of our faithful Gerlinda."

Dear Whodathunk,
I feel I must interject into this situation.
To Love God, Jesus with All of our Minds, Heart, Strength and Soul, means that obviously, it's ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD, HIS BLOOD and Redemption from our sins, we are all sinners yes.
The RC church has its problems with politics/religious dogma/and s-tan inside the vatican, we all presumably realize the intense evil thereof etc.
However, the "relics" are there to help us in our faith, encourage us and enlighten us. Jesus IS GOD so therefore He was Healed and Ressurected with NO WOUNDS except those He wanted to Keep, so therefore it doesn't fit that His Face was "in a mess" because in that case He, Jesus wanted that particular image to come up on that Shroud and I believe in my Spiritman, that it Is Holy and belongs to Jesus Christ.
The science is very interesting yes, but we have been given the Most Holy Spirit and my precious prayer cloth is inpregnated with His Spirit. So, please be gentle with Gerlinda, she after all gave you an incredibly indepth response and you have just dismissed her with an unfair attitude I must confess to feeling a need to defend her somewhat in this.
I understand you love Jesus and He is the ONLY ONE yes, but He has given us 2,000 years of heroic Christian saints before us since AD 33...., from the RC church, right through to these modern day evangelists and the old ones who had a heart for REVIVAL.....the anointing and holy atmosphere's attest to the Glory of God and Jesus will do as He Pleases becasue He Is God.
I hope you are not trying to limit the way inwhich the Most Holy Spirit works? Do not quench the Spirit!
Glory to God,
sincerely edwina.