Edwina (23 Dec 2011)
"To Gerlinda re TURIN SHROUD"

Dear Gerlinda,
So pleased to read your letter regarding the Turnin Shroud, I thought you might like to hear my little story regarding it.....
A few months ago I got the idea to send a small square pieces of muslin, anoint them with holy oil: and then I prayed a mighty interssionary prayer into the cloth. Then I placed it in a clear sealed envelope...and addressed half a dozen to several holy places and "saints" example; St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross and also The Turin Shroud.
In my covering letter to the various places in which these relics are held I asked: that my prayer cloth be placed by the relic and then returned to me. It all started with St. Etheldreada..in Ely Place London UK...who is a saint with an incorruptible body- (many miracles and healings...throughout the middle ages) but it was smashed up and destroyed by Henry VIIIth etc. in the reformation...only her hand remained.. anyway, I sent one to her hand! and asked the local priest that my prayer to be placed near her and then returned.... and all I can say is that each time one of my prayer cloths appeared returned and on my door mat in the mail ...the response in the Most Holy Spirit was and is amazing.
The Priest incharge of The Turnin Shroud kindly sent me some (3) cloths with His Face and oh the annointing on my returned prayer cloth has been such an encouragement.
(Fire came upon me and there was a real Presence which is a great encouragemnet to me.)
As a watcher and a "waiter" for Jesus to COME SOON, I have found it a lonely and persecuted road, because many many Christians just don't get it, and find eschatology too engageing! Yes, it sure does stretch you but! we must, just must keep our lamps full of oil!
My Prayer Cloths are in a special pouch I made and I have them carefully pinned on my chest underneath my habit, what I BLESSING and the Turnin Shroud IS TRUE and I just wanted you to know about the Prayer Cloths....and what Jesus has done to help protect and nurture my love for Him and to sustain in these dark but exciting days!!!
Hope to meet you soon, (p.s I still haven't had my wisdom tooth done, and if I order a King David's replica ten stringed harp, WE WILL BE RAPTURED first I'm SURE! so I'm still waiting!!!)
Well done for all you work on Five Doves and what will happen to our good John Tng?? I think this work of his will get a great reward)
with love in Jesus our Blessed Hope! edwina.