Edwina (23 Dec 2011)
"To Mathman re obama."

Dear Mathman,
Firstly, your piece on the likelyhood of the rapture being highly, highly likely 6,999999....or similar number!! was a great boost, if that really is the case we haven't much longer to go.
Secondly, you piece on obama, I agree he seems to tick all the boxes for everyone.....
When he came to power I asked the Lord after watching it all on tv etc. Is he the anti-christ? Later that night I had a vision and I saw obama and he changed into a complete monster/demon/horror...thing. From then  on I really understood this to be a sign for me that it really is him...although, he may be the understudy for the "main" event....
All I know is he is a lying, insulting figure who went to all the trouble to move Jesus The Christ from the elevation in the manorah, when I saw it I thought he was just making a spiritual point....not lost on us.
Brilliant stuff with all your numbers and verses, well done it certainly keeps our spirits up!
sincerely, edwina.