Edwina (23 Dec 2011)
"My "view" spiritually....."

Dear Doves and John,
I just thought perhaps this might have a little bearing on the present state of our communal "waiting" for Jesus to rescue us in the Great Escape.
After being alive for over forty years...and belonging to Jesus in an real relationship for twenty five years....I have noticed that whenever the season is about to "change".....I would go very quiet-prayerful, go off my food - fasting, desire my own space, ie: become very much seperated from every day events and routine.
This is what I recognize as a pining, love sick, desert place where fasting and prayer just seems to happen in periodic times where change was about to start happening....
Well, this advent has been like that, I can hardly eat...only in evening when I have to eat something.
There is a strange atmosphere permiating the spiritual airwaves....like there is a car crash coming, I can "see" this doom coming and noone else can see or perceive it all around in the normal "world" outside my front door.
The masses are shopping, carrying on as normal and have no clue what is about to happen....it is very disturbing to be in the know, and yet , if the subject is broached about RAPTURE of SECOND COMING.....people think your nuts....
I just thought you minght find it encouragment to know that in my spiritman, in the pit of my tummy, gut feelings, something big is going to happen and soon.
Thanks to everyone for all of our comprehensive views and giftings, we have one thing in common, WE LOVE, ADORE AND ARE MADLY INLOVE WITH JESUS.
sincerely, edwina