Edwina (1 Dec 2011)
"Amanda - Christmas shopping."

Dear Amanda,
I had to laugh when I read your post. I gave my presents to special people in September after Tabernacles, for obvious reasons!! I just cannot get my head round anything, let alone shopping. It is cold, dead and empty without JESUS, in UK where I am there are schools that having: "Mistltoe Concert", "Winter Concert" anything! but CHRIST mas Concert.....
When you look at what happeneing in europe, jobs are going, people are living off less and less and the top few percent are making Billions and billions.....
For me, I just want to be in my prayer closet and call it quits!!
May God Bless you for being excited, I wish I could, I just can't, not yet anyway!!
See you soon in the heavenlies! sincerely edwina.