Ed G (28 Dec 2011)
"Stop Criticizing the KJV"


I do not in anyway mean to criticize or hurt anyone’s feelings with these words so please don’t hurt mine by downgrading the KJV. I want only to say before anyone criticize the KJV do your homework. I am not going to try and convince anyone that they should only use the KJV and not use another translation. I didn’t always use the KJV and it took years of research and burning the mid night oil  to be convinced and that was many years ago. Now with the internet it is much easier to get the information but a lot of hours will be required reading it all. So before you scream at me and start throwing sticks and stones I will say this. A person can get saved using any translation. I do not doubt that for a minute. However, why do people want to criticize a translation that many hold dear and don’t say "but the Greek says". The originals my dear friends have long been lost and what we have is many manuscripts to judge which one is correct or closet to the original.  We have the Greek majority text or Byzantine text-type (Textus Receptus) which was used to translate the NT in different languages such as Luther's and great English Bibles such as the Geneva Bible (1560), the Bishops Bible (1568), King James Translation (1611) and many others. However, EVERY English translation starting with Westcott and Hort since 1881 except the NKJV and KJV variances has not used the NT majority text but relied  primarily on two manuscripts known as Vaticanus & Sinaiticus which differ over 3,000 times in the NT alone. So before criticizing  any translation check out how all Bibles were translated it may surprise you. Find out what  the Textus Receptus, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are and those Greek NT by different authors are and what text did they use.  Who were the 47 men who translated the KJV and who were those who translated other versions to start with and finally whatever King James believed just remember he may have authorized it but he did not sit on one of the translation committees. Please read both views, pros and cons and decide for yourself. If you read only the cons against the KJV you are not doing your homework just as one who reads only the pros for the KJV. If one does their homework and still believes the KJV is riddled with errors and doesn’t believe the KJV is a divinely  inspired translation that is fine but please don’t criticize my preference and I won’t criticize yours. As I said above a person can get saved using any translation and that is what it is all about although I will say that the KJV far surpasses any other book ever printed that has lead many to Christ and still is. I am 66 years old and my late mother-in-law told me once a long time ago that she didn’t have a book store she could go to select a translation of the Bible for when she grew up she only knew of  only one book. She owned a well read KJV and she died believing it was the Word of God. She didn't spend time trying to find errors in it but believed it. (Psalms 12:6,7 and Psalms 119:89)


I didn’t take Greek and/or Hebrew in Bible Institute many years ago but I do know a little Greek and little Hebrew. The little Greek owns the restaurant down the street and the little Hebrew owns the Dry Cleaners across the street.


Blessings and keep looking up – in Christ Jesus - Ed Gormley