Dru (24 Dec 2011)
"Buddy Baker visions ..."

December 20, 2011 Tuesday 5:33 pm, while I was in the shower talking to the Lord the moment I close my eyes I see a beautiful bright light and I see Jesus hands reaching towards me and I hear Jesus say ” I LOVE YOU SON ” end.
December 22, 2011 Thursday 9:42 pm, while I was driving my pickup truck going home from work I saw in an open vision a great multiple of many many saints in Heaven in glorious white robes all praising and worshiping the Father with their hands raised and I saw a brilliant white light coming out from the Father while everyone was worshiping the Father, end.
December 23, 2011 Friday 12:07 am, while I was getting out of the shower I see in an open vision the left side of Jesus sitting on a hill with beautiful green grass and beautiful flowers everywhere and I see a flowing creek with blue water and in a distance I see many beautiful golden mansions and I see Jesus smiling, end.
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