Doran (5 Dec 2011)
"Kislev 24 and the time of the Gentiles!"

Hi to John and the Doves!
I was driving today and thoughts were going through my head and it occurred to me that the gathering of the 144,000 on Kislev 24 will be the end of the time of the Gentiles.  When the 144,000 come they will institute the kingdom of God by bringing down the satanic hierarchies that rule the world.  The very placement of these people will be the end of the Gentile reign on the earth.
This would cause the rapture to happen on the 21st for Gentile believers.  And of course that opens up a lot of possibilities for what else might happen.  The Psalm 83 war I believe is the trigger for this event to happen.  Israel will win of course, and this sets the stage for gog/Magog to happen.  In Isaiah 38:11 it says they come against a land of unwalled villages, and that is not present day Israel.   At the end of this passage He says He will bring back the captives of Israel and all the world will know that God is present.  This suggests that Gog/Magog has to be fulfilled in the future, near the end of the great tribulation.
    On another note, I had a dream that confirmed what Ron Reese has said about the start of the Great Tribulation on or near April 11, 2012.  Mostly it dealt with the comet Shoemaker-Levy.  Our time is very near Doves.
     One other thing I would like to share.  The 144,000 are all descendants of David.   The Lord told me this a few months ago.  The bible says the descendants of David will be as numerous as the sands of the sea.  Also it says David will never lack a King to sit on the throne of Israel.  In my studies I found that David has a future covenant that will be fulfilled in that the future ruler of Israel will be one of Davids' descendants.  Also I discovered that Joshua and Zerubbael, the prototypes for the 144,000 were relatives of David, as well as Moses!  When the 144,000 are gathered, one will be the King of Israel.  I recommend Jeremiah 33 for a word on this.   The Lord is revealing these things to His people!  Keep looking up!