Denis Hart (31 Dec 2011)
"Australia, the Psalms and 111"

Australia, the Psalms and 111

Australia: the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit

There has been discussion on Five Doves on the links between the Psalms and prophetic events, especially the excellent discussion of Psalms such as Psalm 110 (see below) and 111 by J R Church.  We may not understand this fully, but I consider it likely that there is some correlation.  A couple of aspects add to the difficulty of interpretation: the overlap between Jewish and solar years, and also a particular Psalm (such as 110) may be pointing to the near future (in Economics, this would be viewed as a forward indicator!)

As we are about to turn into 2012, I thought it may be worthwhile drawing attention to the possible mathematical link between Australia and the Psalms:  Australia as a (federated) nation began its journey on 1 January on 1901 - the first year correlating to Psalm 1?  So, tomorrow Australia completes 110 years as a nation and crosses the threshold into its 111th year!  And this comes 50 days after 11 November 2011 (11.11.11). 

As one more (Aussie) sign of the Rapture - a boat with 12 persons on board was caught in storms in North Queensland earlier this week. Eleven were rescued but sadly one woman was drowned (found on the boat) - the name of the boat was Rapture.  

Psalm 110 (J R Church)

This is the most quoted psalm in the New Testament. It speaks of God’s Son sitting at His right hand until the time is right to return to Earth in Judgment. Perhaps the psalm is saying that 2010 is very close to the time for Christ to return, but not quite yet. Certainly, a lot of Christians looked to 2010 as a good year for the rapture, but it just didn’t happen.