Denis Hart (27 Dec 2011)
"An Unexpected Comet - More Love-Joy"

An Unexpected Comet - More Love-Joy

Sungrazer website: comment on Comet Lovejoy:  “I'm going to hope he doesn't mind me doing this, and steal a quote here from highly-respected astronomer John Bortle:

I trust that most here appreciate that we are witnessing one of the most extraordinary events in cometary history.”

Comet Lovejoy has now moved quickly from obscurity, as evident in coverage on the media, photographic images and videos - the quote above says it all (for a detailed analysis of Comet Lovejoy’s journey and survival see the link to the Sungrazer website below).

C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy):  news relating to this discovery of, build-up to, and appearance of this object... we did not anticipate just how spectacular this event would be. Therefore, we have split it into two chapters: "Inbound", and "Survival".

An Unexpected Comet?

On Christmas Eve I sent a letter to Five Doves on Comet Lovejoy in Tasmania.  Previously, in a letter to Five Doves of 4 April 2011 I commented about an unexpected comet (link to letter below).  Given all that is happening with Comet Elenin and other heavenly signs, Doves may be interested in this previous letter (link below), including how the word comet is prominent within Cometh.

Isaiah 41:25 (Amplified):  He comes with the suddenness of a comet, but none of the idol oracles of the nations has anticipated it.