Dayana T (5 Dec 2011)
"TO: TRACY N  CONCERNING YOUR ORIGINAL NUMBER 201- i will be honest regarding this issue brother, "

hi! there Tracy!
Thank you for your fivedoves letter December 2 2011
concerning friend, your number 201- ``were you state: `` But all i saw was 201- which is 20+1 total 21, you mentioned it total 21
many fivedoves and others have seen the number 21 alone, ``without having to add the numbers, so it then becomes 21,``so for that reason, after reading your number 201 experience, does not confirm in my spirit that it was Divine from GOD, i am being honest with you brother, as i am to all my dear friends, yes, i agree Tracy, it totals 21 by adding the original number of 201-  20+1=21 ``but because you did not simply see alone the number 21`` confirms in my spirit that it is not clear, and not from God. The enemy also give numerous dreams, visions that are not from God, to imitate, because he is jealous, and wants to stir confusion.
i hope you understand my simple point of view!
GOD bless!
Dayana Torchia