Clay Cantrell (7 Dec 2011)
"Paired Themed verses and the Number 1123"

Interested Readers -

I've posted about the 1123 number before as it is associated with the Polonium incident of 11.23.06. radioactive Polonium 210 used as a murder weapon agains a former Russian spy, Alexander Litveninko.

plugging 1123 into the gematria slot on Richard McGough's great Bible Wheel website shows the design of God in paired themed verses. i've posted about this recently.

namely that God seems to pair verses together or group verses together by topic or theme, that have the same gematria total; and even words that have gematria totals that match He pairs together in verses that are like themed.

1123 really is an excellent example of it.

go here:

you'll see the list of the Bible words and verses that have a gematria total of 1123.

look at the verses first:

there are only four short verses, and two of them have to do with the nose or nostrils.

Job 41:20
"Out of his NOSTRILS goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron."

Psalm 115:6
"They have ears, but they hear not: NOSES have they, but they smell not:"

So, apparently the number 1123 has to do with noses/nostrils among other things. I have no idea why, at this point.

look at the individual words. you have to read each verse to know what the subjct of the verse is.

check out these two:

Strong's 1077g
genesia {ghen-es'-ee-ah} from a derivative of 1078;; n n pl AV - birthday 2; 2 1) a birthday celebration, a birthday feast 1a) the earlier Greeks used this word of funeral commemorations, a festival commemorative of a deceased friend

found in

Matthew 14:6
"But when Herod's birthday was kept, the daughter of HERODIAS danced before them and pleased Herod."


Strong's 2266g
Herodias {hay-ro-dee-as'} from 2264;; n pr f AV - Herodias 6; 6 Herodias = VheroicV 1) daughter of Aristobulus and granddaughter of Herod the Great. She was first married to Herod Philip I, son of Herod the Great, a man in private life; but afterwards formed an unlawful union with Herod Antipas, whom she induced not only to slay John the Baptist but also to make the journey to Rome which ruined him; at last she followed him to exile in Gaul.

found in

Mark 6:19
"Therefore HERODIAS had a quarrel against him, and would have killed him; but she could not:"

these are two different verses with two different total numbers of words and letters, found in two different books - but they have the same subject/person in them ... HERODIAS.

it's not that difficult then to see that another topic the Lord Jesus associates the number 1123 with is the evil woman HERODIAS, who was responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist. I have no idea why, at this point.

so there is one number, 1123, that has two sets of paired/themed verses.

one set using 1123 as a total verse gematria and the other set using 1123 as a word gematria found in verses addressing the same subject.

Jesus is Lord.