Clay Cantrell (5 Dec 2011)
"Planets Aligned December 1997"

Readers -

at this link you'll my basic account of the Lord's visitation the first week of December, 1997.

One thing that is not in that account, which I should add, is the info about the beautiful planetary alignment that occurred then.

you can go here to see an excellent graphic on it (can't vouch for the article):

you can go here to read about it:

and you can go here:

for a photo. just click on the photo to get an enlargement.

I saw this gorgeous "String of Pearls" out my back door in Dec 97, as where I was living had a great view of the skyline at sunset.

Though I have failed to understand the connection between the two events, mine and the Heaven's, I cannot believe they are not related. I'm sure there is some reason the Lord chose to have them occur at the same time.