Clay Cantrell (3 Dec 2011)
"The Future & The Event"

Readers -

in December 1997 the Lord visited me and began to tell me things about the future. i never asked to know these things, nor in some cases could I even understand Him until the event happened.

here is a short list with brief explanations of some of those things. I've posted about them before in various emails, but here they are in a single list, though more brief in detail. I've put an approximate date beside them if I could remember. This list may be incomplete.


The Coming Arab Attack, December 1997.

I was sitting by the edge of my bed, and in looking at the Strong's concordance for certain words, the Lord spoke to me clearly and said:
"Arabs are going to pull a sneak attack on the continental United States."
this shocked me to no end, and I couldn't fathom how in the world that would ever happen. I stood up and covered my face with my hands in shock and disbelief.

This turned out to be the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks.


Be There At Sunset, December 1997

The Lord spoke to me and said:
"Go as far west as you can go in the USA and be there at sunset."
The only hint of an explanation I had was that it had to do with the Coming of the Lord. That was my best guess.

This was fulfilled when President Ronald Reagan was buried at sunset on the California coast, at his presidential library.


Dream of the Death of an Official, June 2004

I dreamed I was walking through a military cemetery, and stopped at a
grave to my right. several people were gathered around it, kneeling
down and I saw that American flags were stuck in and around the
grass/headstone. It was a low headstone and it had a television
screen in it about 8 " by 5 ", which the people were watching. on
it was some kind of B&W news coverage. no one said anything. there was
no sound.

I woke up quickly and said to myself "someone has died", someone
important - an American. someone of importance, a military or governmental person, and that the media (TV) would cover it/him/her.

This was fulfilled immediately when Ronald Wilson Reagan died at 4:09 ET, June 5th, 2004.

That makes a word from the Lord about Reagan, and a dream about Reagan.


Under the North Pole, December 1997

The Lord clearly said to me on several occasions that "There is something of great value buried under the ice at the north Pole."

I thought this to be about the strangest thing the Lord had ever said to me and I puzzled about it over and over again. He was emphatic about it. I wondered what in the world it could be?!

This was dramatically fulfilled when the ice flows around the north pole began to melt and international ships began taking their ships into the area where they previously couldn't. More specifically though, it really was fulfilled when the Russians planted a titanium flag (in a capsule) on the bottom of the ocean, claiming the territory for themselves. what is buried under the ice?

Potential oil and gas reserves.

go here to read about it.


Something Important Has Happened.

The entire day of December 12, 2003 I felt the presence of God, and I worked feverishly on Bible Numbers. Several supernatural things happened that day, and when I went to bed that night, I said to my self. "Something very important has happened." I really meant "In the Spirit" or "Prophetically.

My clock radio went of early the next morning to a news report that Saddam Hussein had been captured. this was December 13, 1997. That was the important event.


Polonium Event, October 2004

Enoch's hebrew gematria is 84. Enoch is Patriarch Seven (Genesis 5, Jude). I knew that Uranus (planet number 7) had an orbital period of 84 years. that means that Uranus matches Enoch. Going further in that line of thinking, I examined the Periodic Table of the Elements, specifically Element 84, highly radioactive Polonium. It's melting points and boiling points matched 9-11 numbers and Jared numbers already uncovered in the years after the 9-11 event. I then concluded that the Lord must be showing me that a "Polonium Event" was to occur in the future at some point.

November 23, 2006 the ex-Russian spy, Alexander Litveninko, died of Polonium poisoning. He died after being administered a large dose of Polonium in his hot tea in a restaurant in London.


Dream regarding Elizabeth Taylor

on 3.17.11 I had a vivid dream.

In it, I saw a woman who was not Elizabeth Taylor, who I knew to be already dead. She was dressed like Elizabeth Taylor, had hair styling like Elizabeth Taylor, and had eye makeup on like Elizabeth Taylor etc.

It confused me in the dream as it was not the person herself, but someone else I knew. this person looked very sad and very tired. when I awoke and thought about it for a bit, I said to myself, "Elizabeth Taylor is about to die." I also thought I wouldn't be surprised if she passed away within a week.

Six days later, on 3.23.11, Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79, per the Lord's word via the dream.

a year ago to the day on 3.23.10, I had the astounding dream of the White Rooms, the Heavenly museum and being caught up to heaven.