Clay Cantrell (10 Dec 2011)
"My Friend's Interesting Dream"

Readers -

I have a friend who had an interesting dream many years ago, which I don't believe I have ever posted about. This Christian almost never has 'spiritual dreams' but readily shared this with me as one of them.

They dreamed that they were in Heaven, in a crowd of people. Someone came up to them, either an angel or a person of some rank, and told them "You are being granted a great privilege today, and you get to go somewhere and do something special."

My friend found themselves in an area like a busy railway station of bus depot. In this place were some kind of transport vehicles, like a open car or a rail car that could hold a small number of people. these vehicles were coming and going in quick succession, and they were each filled with people. People got into these vehicles and went somewhere, and the vehicles that were returning were stopping and letting people out at the 'depot'. The people were happy, and chatting with each other. My friend's impression was that when they got in one of the cars, that it went a very far distance away from the depot, but got where it was going in a very short amount of time. My friend said that the day was spent doing something special, but couldn't remember what. When the day ended, they all returned to the depot where the trip had started.

end of dream.