Chris K (17 Dec 2011)
"fruit of the fig tree"

 the spiritual fruit of Israel

Dear Doves,
  As I was studying scripture concerning Israel and her near-to-be time of distress, I was looking at the prophetic utterance of Christ's of the Fig Tree(as I have many of times over the past fifteen years), and the previous day' "parallel" event in which He curses the Fig tree for not bearing fruit. Trying to keep in mind the "spiritual" aspect of this event and the subsequent prophecy, was mulling over the implications as it relates to modern day Israel(like many of us in the Body of Christ, knowing that this parable is of pivotal importance) and her geographical budding-forth, i.e. the '67 &'73 post war expansions.
  However, on this occasion, the Lord had in place for me, several other bits of information or pieces of the puzzle that made me view His desired "new growth" froma more spiritual perspective. I had just been reading the of way in which the fig tree shoots  forth buds of fruit at the same time as the leaves sprout new growth and  realized that this was what Christ was referring to "spiritually" in Matthew 24 and Mark 13.
  We know that what God the Father desired and most earnestly wants from the nation of Israel and it leaders is Spirtual Fruit and the shooting forth of "new branches" must include this Spiritual growth or fruit(as spoken of by Paul in Galatians 5:22 , also Peter's "chain of the Graces" in 2nd Peter 1:5-7). So, our inclination to consider Israel' final generation as starting with those post war expansions is two dimensional and carnal, at best. And, to think that an entire generation, weather 40 or 70 years, must transpire before "all these things come to pass", is also a bit presumptuous. These things can come to pass at any point after we see fruit from the nation of Israel! SPIRITUAL FRUIT. I think the Lord uses obfuscation to confuse the "Goodman of the house".
  I was thinking upon these things and turning them over within my heart and mind when the very next articles I opened in my list of items to read was an item from 2010 about the creation of a "national trail" in Israel that follows the footsteps of Jesus, and then a more recent article concerning a Bible study group organized by Benjamin Netanyahu. My spirt right away spoke to me of this being precisely the "type"of fruit our Heavenly Father has been looking for and the timing of all this being relative to the very final moments of what we know as the "Church Age". This was a "sign" God was showing me on a personal level that Israel's "time" had truly arrived and for me was further confirmation as to the very late hour of the "times of the Gentiles".
  Now, it is, that this generation is due to pass. Now has arrived the time of Irael's spiritual rebirth. The water has broken and the birth pangs are nearly perpetual and the Groom is at the doors.The buds of her fruit are apparent, yet unformed. But, with a little time and trauma, she will bear. When the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a.k.a. Yeshuah ha Meshiach comes to her rescue, then will the fruit of the Spirit be born of her branches. And the glory of Israel will be as the dew of heaven.
                                                                                     to the EIGHT. Your brother, chris k.