Chris K (10 Dec 2011)
"Re: Penny Walker (9 Dec 2011)"

Penny and all the Doves,
  I went back and looked at your dream from October. You're right, they do have a similarity and there are so many subtle symbolic references in them, I'm almost fearful to attempt a deeper look. I know that my dream has something to do with some sort of deception(not necessarily about the moon itself, but perhaps about or around the timing of this eclipse). Even when I don't understand specific details of a dream like this, the Lord will usually give me a broader sense of its significance(in the Spirit).
  Did I mention at the beginning of the eclipse it only looked like a small dark shadow cast on the moon itself, but, like yours the moon seemed way too big, much larger than normal. Being a caregiver in the dream signifies something about our relationship to the body of Christ as well, but, I shouldn't make too many specific definitions...the over-all sense for me was that there was going to come some kind of super-deceptive occurrence, that would have very cryptic and occultic overtones.
  Just an aside to this dream....over twenty years ago(before I was truly dedicated to Chris Jesus)I had a VISION in which I came out of a cottage and walked around the house(which was in the middle of a perfect field of ripened wheat) and looked up into the northern sky at TWO MOONS, one crescent and one full...I became pertified and opened my eyes to realize that I  had not been asleep. I was still terrified!
  Just thought I would mention this vision once again, it always seemed so profound at the time.
                                                                                                           your brother in the LORD, Chris K.