Chelsea Brown (7 Dec 2011)
"Obama Strikes the 666 Total .....AGAIN  !!!"

INCREDIBLE . How many times can ONE person connect to 666.............. The Obama administration just announced  that they have extradited 216,000 illegal aliens from the USA in 2011. WOW. 216 =6x6x6. The name, BARAK  H. Obama, found FIRST in BIBLE verse, 6,606, and in BIBLE CHAPTER 216.....6x6x6=216.  Judges 4:6. His name adds up to 666 in TWENTY TWO different ways. His name , Barak, is located and FIRST FOUND in GOD's WORD in verse 6,606 and chapter 6x6x6  (216). Who is it, that  with GOD's permission, could birth a person at day 216 on the calender ( Aug 4th), at latitude 216  (Honolulu), raise him to the most powerful office on earth, and connect him, once in office, to a non-stop series of 666 and 6x6x6 ? Hundreds of such associations with the triple SIX connection.... The.Illinois Lottery said it all on DAY ONE, HIS ELECTION Day....... NOV 5 2008......666  ..... The Chicago Tribune raised the question..... Who is he  ..... ???