Charles Holler (24 Dec 2011)
"mathman, ron reese, gerry almond, and all others who are of like minds"

Hello John and Doves,
      Hi Mathman. your posts have witnessed to me so much ( let everything be established in two or more witnesses) confirming Ron Reese. I love math and have always been great with numbers. Math tells the truth. I have 4 children but wasn't saved till after the first three were born (1988). It's like a real marriage with Jesus, so much more after all these years but in the first year it was the honeymoon year with the Lord and when our fourth was conceived I was pretty sure the Lord told me I would have a little prophet .....I was so excited....then he was born a she ????? I thought well maybe I just heard the Lord wrong and He meant prophetess....OK I'm good with that. Then as the years went by and the enemy came in like a flood to kill, steal, and destroy, and the family is always a major target, the kids mother went to work one day and never came back leaving me with the two youngest 17 and 14 year old girls, a 5 year old boy we had custody of from a crack mother, and she left her own mother with me hahahahaha not so funny then. So now it's a broken home and the 14 year old suffered the worst ( my prophetess) and a few years later I knew prophetess is not the name I heard from the Lord according to her lifestyle. But once again I'm changing the word to prophecy as her birthday is Sept 23., and I now believe her birthday in itself was a prophecy of the Lord's Second Coming. I still trust Jesus my four children and all great grand children will make it.
 ps My last grandchild was born on......01-11-10 and she turned 1 year on 1-11-11
Charles Holler Sr