Charles (7 Dec 2011)
"To all doves thank you and insights"

Thank you all for your prayers kind words and advice. I needed them all and pray we all meet in the air. About Nicole's post. That is probably why all smart phones also are going to be mandated to have a chip in them the government can access to do emergency broadcasts. Notice how it's always for our own good and everyone eats it up hook line and sinker. Our phones record every post text email browse and now are a hotline with camera to the government soon. Nothing wrong with that it's for our protection right! Soon at four am Santa will be coming down the chimney with an m16 to haul you away to the north pole because you were on the naughty list for having a tea party! God says we will see his brightness coming as the sun and we will walk on the ashes of the wicked. Pray up an keep a fire in your chimney the son is coming soon. PS could the dream five six seven bang refer to the December 8th date speculated here be the start of hostilities in the ME leading to rapture WWW three on 12/2011? Oh lithium is used in batteries it works down to 40 below I use them in flashlights also when they were testing the verichip if the lithium battery source leaked it produced a grievous sore in the subject they have to put the powered gps version in the hand or forehead for the necessary electrical charging of the battery. An EMP or solar flare would fry the chip and cause the lithium to leak. Mmmm also google where the worlds largest lithium reserves are. Notice it's the same lie since time began its for your own good surely you will be like gods. It's never for our own good. God says and I have plans to prosper you and that ye may live life and have it more abundantly. By walking in the light of the truth people we can see clearly who brings us life by dying to the desire to be gods we become sons of the one true living God! I think it's just great we are paying hundreds of dollars a month for TV's cable wi fi so we can have the infrastructure in place to FaceTime with the AC not! Another thought what is the apple symbol an apple with a bite out of it. iCloud technology mmm behold I come with clouds? FaceTime? Hey it's all for our own good right! Try telling anyone it's not you will have an easier time selling them that a man named Jesus died for their sins and was resurrected so they may through his sacrifice receive attonement for their sins and eternal life. Sent from my iPhone. Must be boring for them to watch me read the bible and fall asleep on the couch every night. What a job description! Danger man reads bible falls asleep danger!