Charles (6 Dec 2011)
"What I awoke to."

Paul Wilson I awoke to my son singing a. Christmas song talking about presents under the tree. I had a fight with my wife over not putting a tree up and who Santa really is and got threatened I could leave! Well he then stats singing a spongebob song plankton the evil one eyed green character (illuminati) the all seeing eye, I just got it always scheming to take over bikini bottom. Well he sings a song about fun with spongebob the goofy pliable giddy Worldly Christian type that hangs with the dumb unemployed do nothing Patrick and works for the greedy money loving mr crabs and squidward who knows his life is meaningless but shows up for work anyway and dreams things that never come true. Well great what they put on for children right! Anyway plankton sings fun as f is for fear, u is for uranium, n is for nuclear well you get it he is singing about blowing up bikini bottom and being in complete control and my son is singing this sing I yelled for him to stop and my wife said you don't get how close I am to doing what I said. I said no you do not get it she said then we agree! I offered her a vacation instead of Christmas tree on a beach on an island she said no because of work. She has been bugging me to go on one then my dad died. I thought maybe I could get her our son out of here I would like to be raptured and have her somewhere safe if she is not. I hope I am found worthy I am constantly having the entire world try to entagle me and am weary fighting them my sin nature and I tripped up it scared me and I am trying to be seperate and not touch the unclean thing. Paul I am weary physically and in spirit I do not know how much more dodgeball I can play. They do not get it their world is a Truman show they are being laughed at on kids shows led like sheep to slaughter. No one seems to care or get it the senate is voting itself the right to take us in the night for any reason forever they just do not believe and are in denial like the Jews in 1938 Germany. I would not hurt a fly I was patriotic I see the snare coming upon the whole Earth. My Christian wife's comment on my seeing the end times is its consumed me I need a new hobby or counseling and to shut up and do things her way or leave! Of course everyone on both sides of the family who joke they would come here if anything happened because I have a few cases of bottled water and stuff would support her. So yes Paul I am beyond tired beyond frustrated beyond scared and just want to walk in the light not the darkness of this world be left alone by the scoffers and go home!