Charles (30 Dec 2011)
"Mary Greeley -All ships leave straight of Hormuz"

Mary Greeley news is reporting all commercial shipping has left the straight of Hormuz only military vessels! Also tracking radar for site is turned off to not show vessel location today. I went to dinner with friends they were talking about what my plans were for my child for college! I looked at them bug eyed and exasperated and said can I worry about him getting through kindergarten first. My wife chimed in how you cannot talk to me about future plans it's all just getting through the day! I said I may not be here tommorow all we got it today! Then I said we owe fifteen trillion dollars that's like 250,000 per person it will not be paid off the economy will crash. Then they stared to talk about health care and one night cost 11,700 for their daughter to stay in the hospital and get tests. I said insurance was ushering in the mob and not to take a chip. Again laughing like I ate crazy flakes. They then joked about going to see bridesmaids with their religious mother and she wanted to leave they are catholic. They said they thought the movie was great! Then talk of spring break! I was sitting there realizing nothing I said would mean a thing and really the funniest thing was my son when they were bugging him about not enjoying reading and what was he going to do when he grows up if he cannot read. He looked at them matter of fact like and like they were silly and said does not matter I am not going to grow up Jesus is coming soon. They were like what did he say. I said that's right Jesus may be coming soon and the subject changed. I love these people I wanted to stick my phone in their face and say look no ships in the straight of hormuz the busiest waterway in the world don't you get it. My wife is right I cannot have a normal conversation or normal according to the world thought because normal is a lie that means pretend what's going on is not! I cannot do that but don't worry everyone else is planning for their kids college I have another retirement and future in mind!