Charles (30 Dec 2011)
"The world says be quiet while they scream!"

Nicole the fact is those of us awake and walking in the spirit see the truth. Watch the movie RIO harmless kids movie the girl parrot flying down is the galactic federation of light symbol! Notice how the powers that be are going on all the kids shows to look cool and ingratiate themselves. My son sees commercials for house of Anubis and says this us Evil then is scared to go potty by himself! My wife says to stop it and it's only a harmless commercial when I object and point out how it's not I get told to be quiet! Most marriages the wife calls the shots it seems unless she is the one trying to use the filter of the holy spirit then she is castigated! The issue is the Lacadonian church supports Palastine, support this worlds causes and tell any parishioner Jesus may not come for a thousand years don't sweat it they will go. But read the bible the rapture is a reward for watching and praying to be found worthy to escape the wrath! To want to watch and escape something you have to believe Gods word the generation that saw Israel reborn is the one to be watching! To pray you have to have a audience with God through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus. You have to be trying to seperate from the world however imperfect the attempt God knows the heart if we are trying. We cannot succeed without him! He will finish our race but we have to at least know there is one we should be running. The church of Lacadonian does not! It's the same lie told eve surely God does not mean you will die ie be left behind. God said because you have kept the patience of my faith and not denied my name I shall keep thee from the hour of trial to come upon the whole Earth! If you believe your future is here anyone working for their future in heaven is stupid to you! Do you know we could have it alot easier if we did not tell you scoffers! Do you know we are trying to save your behinds from being deep fried. You just do not bridge the truth and are comfortable walking in the lie from the beginning all things are as they were where us the promise of his coming! Have you opened your eyes in 2011! Please I beg you I would love to see my son grow up but not here where everything is deception and gets worse daily. Do you think we warn out of compulsion no because Jesus commanded us to watch and to warn! And I would rather suffer your scoffing now then the horrors Nicole describes later! I do not want to be here to hear anyone say gee you were right!