Charles (24 Dec 2011)
"IE Red alert"

I downloaded stellarium myself the sun is in the top of the archers bow the moon from my location appears dark and in front of the sun when I make my screen bigger it appears they are following in conjunction the location you view stellarium from may make a difference also some kind of major sign in the sky tommorow a conjunction or eclipse it's in the archers bow and how can the moon appearing in front of the sun not be classified as such! If you see an eclipse tommorow it's not supposed to be there! The video from oneworldlife channel clearly shows one the results looking at stellarium from my location shows a jaw dropping conjunction zoomed in and what appears as the moon in front of the sun at normal viewing! Tommorow is not just going to be another day I feel it in my bones!

Red alert follow up

The YouTube video is on the 1worldlife channel! It's entitled 2011-12-24 solar eclipse! What you view on stellarium may differ depending on your location this video clearly shows an eclipse! He says something amazing at the end Venus rises the bright and morning star just as the sun sets! Jesus coming for the bride just like a thief in the night?