Charles (24 Dec 2011)

Stellarium is showing a solar eclipse (foreboding for nations) following the blood red moon tommorow. Check out the video on oneworldlife channel on YouTube the moon rides the sun tommorow and eclipses it on the program. Here is the red alert guys this solar eclipse is not on the NASA eclipse chart for 2011! They hid it. It's the end date for the Mayan calander Leonard Nimoy did a series in the seventies on PBS revealing the actual end date was 12/24/11 the December 21, 2012 date is made up to hide the real end date from most sheeple! December 24th represents the middle of Hanukkah 24/25 divided by the servant candle Jesus! Another video shows intersection points for all the recent earthquakes how they alll follow intersection lines to jerusalem! The series of major earthquakes in Christchurch and benjamin Netanyahu hinting at a Christmas surprise Israel estimated to launch surprise attack by Christmas according to UK ministry of defence analysts December 14th. The moon is new and darkest! The moon and sun are also in conjunction in the bow of the archer constellation with the arrow pointing at Sirius. I could go on guys but I hope I had you at stellarium shows a solar eclipse tommorow that NASA does not list as occuring! Is the rapture, a worldwide earthquake, and surprise Israeli attack or Arab surprise attack just hours away? The dove who had a dream of the rapture while people are at church could be Christmas eve services! I do not know how to say this but a solar eclipse on the day the Mayan calander ends both facts hidden from the sheep or obscured! On Christmas eve sadly the day most Christians are preoccupied most with eating, drinking, cares of this life, obstensively focused on Christ's birth but come on as my six year old said its about the toys he sees through the BS! What a great deception get them to focus on eating and drinking and partying just like the days of Noah on the very day Jesus comes back and have the Mayan calendar new age alien end date to blame the beginning of the tribulation on! Guys pray psalm 25 repent pray stellarium shows a solar eclipse tommorow according to the oneworldlife channel on YouTube and its not on any NASA chart! If there's time ask yourself why they hid the end date of the mayan calander and this solar eclipse? We may be really going home for Christmas as the earthquake hits the Mayans not Gods judgement will be the explanation! Look for Jesus he gave me psalm 24 before I knew any of this! The watchman has warned of what he has seen look up guys for he comes in the clouds not a sleigh! As the spirit showed me earlier Jesus is coming Jesus coming Jesus is coming!