Charles (23 Dec 2011)
"Major sign"

A major sign for the church another major earthquake has hit Christchurch New Zealand tonight! The birth pains started with the Christchurch earthquake and this may be our three day warning. Please pray for my son he is having bad dreams at night and comes home from school all crazy about Christmas and acting silly and not listening laughing its like they shoved all the commercial Christmas down his throat and I am Trying to get him to realize its not all about toys but in school on the radio tv it's a buy this get that Santa this blah blah it's all about getting parents to pay fifty dollars for a plastic thing made by slave labor in china they will break in an hour and jewelry electronIcs get yourself hopelessly in debt for January! Here's the problem I think the raptures coming and had this great picture in my head years ago that when we saw the signs we all would be praying and looking up! Everyone is clueless what's going on in the world because they watch tv as their main source of worldview! I am the only one who has a clue or even cares Jesus is coming the false reality on tv will crumble one second after to be replaced by an equally false explanation they'll also eat like cake. A major quake in Christchurch before the December 24th end of the Mayan calendar! What a perfect delusion well the aliens did tell the Mayans thousands of years ago they will believe that because they did not believe Jesus was coming! For those watchIng God just rang Christchurch's bell several times he is calling us to come to supper who are listening. Jesus is coming Jesus is coming Jesus is coming look up pray to go home for Christmas!