Charles (23 Dec 2011)
"It's all dung compared to Jesus"

The second the rapture comes nothing will mean anything. The economy will collapse money will be worthless no thing will save you only siding with Christ. But most will believe we came from monkeys mixed with alien DNA they were taught evolution so that's the missing link! The occupy protests notice they are not protesting for freedom or for a return of moral age old standards that made this a country where you could leave your doors unlocked at night and that teenager would hold the door for you not steal your purse and feel entitled to it! They are protesting for a greater slice of the pie from the one percent our our overseers they want more money and better jobs they want to renegotiate their wages not freedom. For we are not free and only Jesus can set us free. My dads house sits empty his stuff given away or there. My camping stuff sits unused that seemed do important not so long ago. The world wants us to join the party we know the titanic is sinking and want to get on a lifeboat and are trying to drag others off the dance floor! They do not get why we do not embrace this world with the same excess of riot they do! It's simply because we came to a renewing of our minds an unction of understanding that its all dung compared to Jesus! We are not protesting because it's not our world right now it's the one percents and the other ninety nines to fight over we just want to go home we do not even exist here any more as part of the equation!