Charles (2 Dec 2011)
"How sad the truth of our reality is!"

1 Dollar Bill shows Rapture. WW3 . Mark of the Beast. Decapitation. Whore of Babylon.


Watch this video! He shows the rapture destruction of Babylon people being chopped for not being marked all on the seal of the dollar bill since 1935 encoded with the dates 2011-2012! This matches to the letter the timeline of a December 20th rapture sudden destruction and the NWO emerging in April 2012! We are just seeds planted by God to grow into wheat and tares where sown! He even identifies when the star Sirious takes off his mask the rapture will occur and it's on there! Sirious radio seriously why did they pick that name for satellite radio! Our whole society is a Truman show designed to deceive us to who and what we are and the true reason we need Jesus Christ to have eternal life. Unless his spirit joins with ours and makes a new man fit for habitation we cannot ascend to heaven and inherit the kingdom of God our flesh is corrupted and the mark defiles our temple designed for Gods habitation in the spirit once the blood of Jesus washed us clean. Since before we were born they were planning for this and next year. They put it in plain sight for us to see and laugh at how few can!