Charles (14 Dec 2011)
"We are in serious trouble!"

I read my wife the chapter in revelation twenty one about idolators and all liars taking part in the second death the lake of fire and told her that's why I did not help her put up the Christmas tree or that I wanted to tell the truth about Santa Claus. She totally ignored me and threatened me again with her having to do something if I keep this up .  I tell my son that Santa is nothing and Jesus is everything and he should ask Jesus for everything. She threatened me that if I tell him Santa does not exist I am gone really. Fifteen years of marriage and Satan is playing full court press does not want anyone to escape his horror show. I have no problem not telling him Santa does not exist because he does he is Satan! Jumble the letters a six year old could get it but the fact is people are so programmed and politically correct they are afraid to step out of line! My poor son lets see if I get this it's ok to tell him there is a lie Santa the Easter bunny tooth fairy But tell him there is not call social services! Same thing for vaccinations! Do not ask questions the doctor knows what he is doing! We are surrounded by 99% of society that cannot think for itself question the social norms or actually live their professed faith if it contridicts societies traditions. I do not want to be one of them. The fact is if I told my son no Santa everyone in my family and all my friends would  call child services. No problem I just tell the truth Santa is nothing and Jesus is everything so ask Jesus. I really do not know two people who are even understand how close we are to the rapture! My wife is out buying my son present and going to a Christmas exchange tommorow I thimk the Mideast may blow up in a week we may be raptured and they are getting ready for economic collapse our whole reality is about to come crashing down and your friends and family will literally stone you if you try and tell them and ruin their holiday fun. Christmas is worshiping god to them they do not know Yahweh and how he hated the Pharisees traditions over Gods laws.  I am trying to keep the peace while not going along with the lies or tree stuff! I am at the point where I believe we literally do not belong here any more. I cannot think of anywhere I could go to come out of the trap this world and it's traditions really is. If I leave my family my son will be told how horrible I am when I just want to let him know truth. Santa is nothing Jesus is everything Santa is real he just is not who the world tells you he is. And the world will stone you to defend him Christmas is about Christ really says who Santa?