Charles (12 Dec 2011)
"Oh Christmas tree"

There are serpant statues shown devouring humans on display in Oslo Norway designed by Nobel the peace prize guy! Genesis come to mind. The Mary Greeley channel reports! Also the administration saying they may veto the indefinate detention bill it was revealed are actually the ones who requested the language protecting American citizens rights be removed right on cspan. Duplicitous comes to mind. I got threatened that it's all over if I did not put the tree up! I told her with what I knew I could not but I carried the boxes up and moved furniture Christ was born on September 11th not December 25th. You ask Jesus for things not Santa. I am trying to be seperate while maintaining peace as all possible. Amazing if I was another faith I could make her dress from head to toe and she would defend me. I cannot even try to stand for the truth against this culture and not be threatened with banishment. I want to leave and go home be ye seperate and not touch the unclean thing and I will receive you! He who does not provide for his own family is worse then an infidel! How do you to both when your poor six year old is brainwashed into asking Santa for gifts and you keep telling him just ask Jesus and your wife threatens you with banishment unless she can put a tree up? I am not of this world anymore!