Charles (12 Dec 2011)

Dipped seven times just to cover bases want to go home. Could the lunar eclipse single psalm 83 next Saturday? Remember Katrina they found a bible open to psalm 83? The storm in Scotland Katrina like! Nicole your dream could Haarp and Chemtrails be the ionic field to block the emp effect of the rapture or an attempt to? The v's they found in Israel remember the series V the "aliens" reptiles plan to change everyone to be suitable hosts through vaccines! They tell us in a way to make us laugh that they really are doing all these things! I am not getting info from tv and the sons of god went into the daughters of men and they were the mighty men of old. As in the days of Noah he who has an ear let him hear. The problem is what it plainly says in the bible is the truth of our reality cannot be grasped as real because this matrix of illusion is woven around us. If through the spirit we have an unction to know all things we can spiritually discern these things! I had a rapture dream last night I was in front of my dads house in a lawnchair looking up to heaven! My dad who just died was standing in front of me! He said here take my keys to the truck. Meaning go to heaven! I said dad I don't want your truck I just want you! He said here take my keys I said no dad I want to fly ie go up to heaven! He said then fly! I began to fly in the air. Two lady neighbors with glasses they could not see well and they were smoking pointed up. I came down and said see I am flying then I started up again. I was so happy then my son called and asked to get up and I woke up. The snare is coming upon the earth. The only hope is to fear God obey his commandments call upon the Lord and believe in Jesus resurrection that you will be saved. Then pray you fly and watch the sky. The philadelphian church is wattching and keeping the faith of Jesus name! Going to church is not preparing you to fly make straight your paths before the Lord.