Carol Garza (30 Dec 2011)
"To Sandra Jeans re: NASB endorsements"

Hi all,
I’m basically a KJ and NASB user.  Always have been, since the day I was saved in 1975.  As a new born believer and follower of our Lord Jesus, I was blessed to be raised using those 2 translations interchangeably.  Both translations are in ‘my blood’.
I thank God for and the internet for me to look up passages I do not understand.
Someone once shared we Westerners sometimes read the Bible from our perspective and forget much of the bible especially the OT was written to the Jews and the people living in that time frame.  They understood much of what was written.  What the people did not understand was the prophetic Word.
We are now living in the days when we are experiencing and seeing prophesy come to pass and have full understanding of the days we are living in!   But we don’t have much of a deep understanding on how people lived back in the day.
I have found spending time praying the Word of God back to Him with Thanksgiving and Praise and Glory to Him is what gives me insight, revelation, Wisdom and Peace, not forgetting His Joy, His Anointing and His Love that fills my spirit and soul.
As we get ready to say good bye to 2011 and to this world, continue to look up ‘cause we’re going up!
May the Joy of the Lord continuously strengthen all the Doves and may the Word of God richly indwell us, securing our Faith in Christ Jesus.
Carol Garza