Bruce Baber (31 Dec 2011)
"Apocalyptic writings from the early 1900s reveal similarities to today's events"


I recently found something very interesting.  There was a book published in 1916 in England that dealt with the pretrib rapture.  It was titled "In the Twinkling of an Eye" and written by Sydney Wallace.


I found a copy of the first American printing (1918?) and began reading it.  I was amazed.  Watson's book is in the form of a fictional novel and is about a newspaper publisher who sees the significance of the Jewish growth of a Zionist movement beginning in the late 1800s and the likely imminent return of Jesus to catch up believers to meet Him in the clouds before a seven year tribulation.


Watson wrote a whole series that dealt with similar apocalyptic subjects.  I've tried to find out more information about the author, but so far... not much luck.


Clearly the author believed that the rapture was coming and based his belief on developments in the Holy Land and the fledgling Zionist movement.  He even mentions that some Jewish elements had begun to gather materials for the rebuilding of the temple.  He sprinkled in quite a number of biblical passages and shows how the prophecies were beginning to be fulfilled.


A fairly recent critique of the book mentions that Watson's work bears resemblance to Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series and perhaps was the prototype.


Sydney Wallace was not a great writer.  The characters and plot of the novel are very thin.  It seems evident that his novel was purely intended to introduce apocalyptic themes to readers who were unfamiliar with such ideas.


Just thought I'd share this with you and get your comments.



Bruce Baber