Bruce Baber (23 Dec 2011)
"Those not "taken in" won't be taken in..."


Some of those not looking for the rapture just don't want to be "taken in."  Well no one wants to be taken in.  Who can blame them?  We've all heard false promises so often from so many sources that we just want to lower our expectations, tuck our heads down and stick our fingers in our ears.  I guess that's natural and to be expected isn't it?


So much has been proven false.  We don't want to be suckered do we?  That guy just wants our money.  Maybe he wants to seem important, or get elected.   


Isn't that the devil's plan?  Get us to hear so many false promises that we won't accept the truth when we do hear it. He certainly doesn't want anyone to be taken in the rapture and he'll try his best to keep us right here when all hell breaks loose.  Try and count how many exagerations and outright deceptions you are exposed to in a week and see how mind numbing his strategy is.


Well God is faithful and true!  He will keep all His promises!  Jesus IS coming!  One day very soon the call that will take us home will be heard!



Bruce Baber