Bill G (30 Dec 2011)
"In agreement with Ron's revelation"

NWO=New World Order
Please put this on Five Doves, I wrote this after I read Ron Greese's article on the coming of our Lord.  Former Pastor, Bill Gray

I can only say Praise the Lord, and I can clearly see it! What a fantastic revelation brother Ron!!!
After I read this all I could do was look up with tears in my eyes and thank our LORD for coming for us on January 28TH.  It all fits in place and our Lord has shown me through your revelation that this is NO DOUBT, A SURE THING!! TRUE TO THE WORD OF GOD!
In the last 3-4 months the Lord has laid on my heart over 150 names to pray for, for salvation, and he has shown me a way to memorize them. I did not know it at that time, but he was giving me a new ministry for the lost. At the end of that prayer he has me praying for the souls (not by name) of people in the USA that will be left behind after the rapture. I have been praying for millions to be saved in this country to come to know him, and I believe we as Christians should be witnessing to the lost about his death/burial/resurrection the gospel, and the fact that he is coming on January the 28TH for his church. Yes I know that we will be laughed at, but they need to see the seriousness of our witness.
I've been meeting with another Chrtistian and several lost men, around 15-20 for coffee at McDonalds every morning from Monday-Friday about politics and religion, and have had several opptunities to tell them about the coming NWO, and I'll been telling them that Obama will not run for president because I believe that he will bo the NWO's leader before the coming election. Some of them laugh at my predictions.
Will you remember my group in your prayers as "the group that Bill meets with in Ohio."
Well my dear brother in Christ, I'll see you in 30 days, Bill Gray :>)
That is the best smily face I've ever typed