Bill Griese (17 Dec 2011)
"I Apologize"

Re: 2nd Reply to Amy VanGerden

I had said: "I've checked my two Study Bibles that I use "The King James Study Bible" by Liberty University, and "The MacArthur Study Bible" NKJV by Dr. John MacArthur. Both of these Study Bibles in their notes indicate that the prophecies of Isaiah 28 that we have been discussing were fulfilled around 700 B.C. and don't even mention a far fulfillment at the end of the age." ( I apologize. The MacArthur Study Bible does in fact mention a far fulfillment in a note in Isaiah 28. My use of "far fulfillment" was much too general. I should have said it doesn't mention a far fulfillment of a peace treaty in a note in Isaiah 28, which is what I'd been thinking. Even preferably, I simply should have omitted this part of the sentence. My main point was the fact that the prophecies were fulfilled around 700 B.C. which Amy was disputing.) "So as I stated before, these prophecies were fulfilled during King Hezekiah's reign. I can still go along with a dual fulfillment, however as I said, dual fulfillment's are seldom exactly like the first fulfillment, and often are different enough not to be easily recognized. It is just not accurate to cite these passages as "proof" that Daniel 9:24-27 is referring to a Peace Treaty. I just won't limit myself to believing the word "covenant" in Daniel 9:24-27 can only be a Peace Treaty."

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Bill Griese