Bill Griese (12 Dec 2011)
"Reply to Amy VanGerpen"

Reply to Amy VanGerpen:

Amy, these verses in Isaiah 28 are not the proof of a Seven-year Peace Treaty that you are making them out to be. The definition of a covenant is not just a Peace Treaty. The promises a leader makes to the people in exchange for their votes certainly qualifies, even if that is not readily recognized as the common definition. Lets not forget too, that the largest population of Jews in the world live in America, and overwhelmingly supported Obama. Many in Israel have dual American citizenship and mailed in their votes.

There was a previous fulfillment of these Isaiah 28 verses around 700 B.C. in the run up to when Sennacherib, the king of Assyria came against King Hezekiah and Judah. Hezekiah sought the Lord, and Judah was delivered by an angel of the Lord which destroyed the Assyrian Army in chapters 36 & 37. I do see an end time dual fulfillment as many do in these verses, but as often is the case, dual fulfillments are seldom exactly like the first fulfillment, and often are different enough not to be easily recognized.

Ray Schulz had an excellent post Friday about the previous Abomination of Desolation in Daniel's time, which was certainly different than the Abomination of Desolation by Antiocus IV Epiphanes. I'm expecting the coming one to be different too. I don't believe that the Antichrist is going to slaughter a pig in a rebuilt Jewish temple. I don't even believe it's necessary to have a rebuilt Jewish temple. Notice the Greek word for temple (naos g3485) in 2 Thess 2:3 does not mean the whole temple, and can even mean any heathen temple or shrine. Something setup in the courtyard of the old Jewish Temple, or the Dome of the Rock, or the Catholic Church in Jerusalem are all possibilities. Antichrist is going to proclaim himself to be God, and the Two Witnesses will have shown up in Jerusalem by then, probably 3 1/2 days earlier.

America is Mystery Babylon and is already dominating the world and certainly controlling Israel to a very large extent. See:


Bill Griese