BG Ellis (5 Dec 2011)
"There is a very high probability that The Rapture and Sudden Destruction will take place THIS WEEK!"


Dear John and Doves,


     Wow, everything is rapidly coming together.  Here is why this week could be the week we have all been looking for:


1. From our key date of November 29th 2011 (SEE: THIS!), we have two possible delays of judgments going on:  As in the days of Noah, there was a 7-day delay before the flood started.  (OR) There is a 21-day delay from Daniel’s angel delay.  A 7-day delay of judgment would take us to: Tuesday, December 6th and a 21-day delay would take us to: Tuesday, December 20th 2011.  In keeping with Jewish Wedding traditions, Jesus will pick up His Bride (Us) on a Jewish Tuesday (From sunset Monday evening to sunset Tuesday evening at Jerusalem).  If you have not done it, please read this information now: SEE: THIS!    I believe that The Rapture must take place on a Jewish Tuesday!  If it is not on a Jewish Tuesday, you can scratch out that date as a potential Rapture date (IN MY OPINION).   


2. The date of: December 7th 2011 is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  See Jean Stepnoski’s article (SEE: THIS!).


3. Russia has supplied Syria with the Super-Advanced S-300 Missiles!  Along with the missiles, the report says SEE: THIS, that Russia has supplied all the technical advisors necessary to have the system online THIS WEEK!  Israel must take this system out before it goes on line!  This is the lit fuse that leads to WWIII.  When Israel takes out the Syrian S-300 Missiles, Hizbullah (SEE: THIS!) will fire thousands of missiles simultaneously on Israel wiping out Tel Aviv. Israel upon massive missile attack will use their “Sampson Option” SEE: THIS and vaporize Damascus by going nuclear and thus fulfilling Isaiah-17.  The preliminary stages of this attack have already taken place SEE: THIS VIDEO! 

 As a result of the destruction of Damascus and due to defense agreements with Syria: China, Russia, and Iran will start mobilizing their forces for an all out war with Israel and her allies.  These events have set up the war of Ezekiel 38 and Ezekiel 39 (Watch the linked videos).  The date of this war starts on Ron Reese and Grant Jeffery’s date of: SEE: THIS VIDEO!  (This is also a major Rapture watch date (December 20th 2011) if the above date of December 6th 2011 is not hit!)  When Israel has supernatural victory in this war, Israel will then realize that it was God that won the war.  Grant Jeffery feels that this sign of the supernatural victory will cause the Jewish people to start rebuilding their Third Jewish Temple.  The Jewish People will finish the new Temple (they already have the plans drawn up) just in time for the Antichrist to march into the Holy of Holies and proclaim himself God SEE: THIS VIDEO!


4. Solving Lisa’s “11192 dream”.  “11192” is a date and is equal to December 9th 2011 (SEE: THIS!)  And could be a potential Rapture Date!


5. George Ure with Web Bots says that there is major release language for this week: December 2nd to 8th plus or minus a couple of days.  The last time this major of release language occurred was in September 2008 with the financial collapse!  (SEE: THIS!)



6. A major Timewave Zero tipping point (spiral calendar harmonic date) occurs this week.  (SEE: THIS!) &  (SEE: THIS VIDEO!) This spiral calendar harmonic dates only occurred with this magnitude only three times in the past and each time was associated with a nuclear war element.  The three times are:

a.           The Hiroshima nuclear explosion in Japan in 1945.

b.           The Cuban Missile Crisis came on a spiral calendar harmonic date.

c.            The near-brush with nuclear war in the early 1970’s when the then Soviet Union was about to use nukes to take out the Chinese nuclear weapons development site in order to keep China out of the nuclear club.  Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger told the Soviets that any attack on China would be considered an attack on the US.  Things got really, really, really tense and finally the Soviets backed down.  At that time, the USA was respected however; I do not think that would work today.

This week is predicted to be much greater in intensity and will make the past 3 events look “like a walk in the park”!


7. A super sized blood red moon will be visible from North America on December 10th 2011, and this will not happen again for several hundred years. (SEE: THIS VIDEO!)  What really got my attention was that on the day that Jesus died on the Cross-, that evening there was a super sized blood red moon visible from Jerusalem. (SEE: THIS VIDEO!)  This was a sign to the Jewish nation that the “times of the Gentiles” was beginning.  I believe that when this sign occurs again this week that the “times of the Gentiles” has ended, which means that the Rapture has occurred!


Be sure you make the Rapture!


Go to: (THIS LINK!)


And PLEASE make sure you have been “Born Again”!

(Start reading ¼ down around where it says:

“Where will you be in 100 years”)


God Bless!


See You In Heaven!