Beverly (12 Dec 2011)
"Dream so similar to Clay Cantrell's friend"

I was so surprised to read of the dream that Clay Cantrell shared.  I had one very similar a few years ago.
There was a large group of people at what seemed like a train station.  They were all dressed up, and lined up along the "tracks".  They were in a happy party mood. They were expecting family members to arrive.
A vehicle that reminded me of a glass enclosed elevator zoomed up to the "rails".  My uncle Dwight was one of the people standing there waiting for his two children.  He was wearing a tall hat and a real sharp looking suit.  There were many children there.  Everyone was in a great mood, laughing and just anticipating the arrival of their friends or family.  Soon my cousins arrived and I saw them starting to step out of the "elevator".  Even though they are now in their 70's, they looked like young adults.  My uncle did not look old either and he's been gone for many years.
It was a great dream.  It seemed like I was there, but not one of the people looking for the arrivals.  I was just going about my daily routine and being an observer.