Benny C (9 Dec 2011)
"This lunar eclipse will include an 'impossible' sight"

Dear Jon and All Five Dove Watchers,

 Although this is my first time writing in, I have been an avid Five Dove subscriber since I first came across the site in 2005. I must say that this is a wonderful watchful community of believers worldwide, and I great respect and love everyone who has had a post on here over the years. I am so thankful that there is a body of believers who care enough to be watching for our Great Redeemer so intently, that they just have to share their reports with the rest of the community. I have learned so much from my family of friends here, that I feel as though I know a lot of you. Thanks to all for your wonderful insights and testimonies.

I have been a believer in The Lord Yeshua since the so called Jesus Movement back in the mid seventies when I lived as part of a christian commune in Santa Rosa California. I believe that we are so extremely close to seeing our precious Lord face to face, I just wanted to be apart of this family here before we leave this world.

 Many of you may know , some may not, but in Genisis 1;14 where The Lord has written that He will place the Sun, Moon and stars in the heavens for >>> "SIGNS", the first word He choose, and then days, years (Sabbatical, Jubilee) and seasons (Moed) Feasts!

 According to , lunar eclipse page, article in years 2001 through 2100, It seems the Lord God has placed The Moon, as eclipses strategically in a position as to bookend seven years, beginning NOW. we are witnessing the last Blood Moon in a set of three come this Saturday. On Dec 21st, winter solstice of last year there was one. This past June 15th there was one, a long one directly over Jerusalem. Now the last on Saturday. This set of three Blood Moons will happen again, almost a mirror image, in 2018/2019. This will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN THIS CENTURY! This to me is a clear witness from The Almighty that Daniel's last seven is about to begin!

 I have read many articles from my precious sister Marilyn Agee and Brother Ron Reese and others that the trib should have already begun, and adding to that the count of Jubilee cycles from 1966/1967, it should all be over by the end of 2015, but why is God placing the blood moon eclipses in the heavens and bracketing seven years between starting this year of early 2012? I great respect all of your opinions here, but if anyone can solve this conundrum of sorts, I would like to hear from you.

 Whatever the answer, we all know that we are so very close now. Will this Hanukkah bring redemption of the body to those who know Christ, only time will tell, and not that much time is left now.

Until we meet in the air,
Shalom and Great Joy in our  awesome Redeemer!

Benny C
Welcome to the Doves, Benny!