Ben C (29 Dec 2011)
""THE DIVINE CALENDAR" download edition 4 All you Math Heads out there"

Hello Doves,

 2018/2019 Seems to be the general consensus for the very last year of the Tribulation, Christ's Return and the beginning of His wonderful 7th day of rest!

Also, our precious sister and fellow watcher and mentor Marilyn Agee's husband Ed has just graduated from this life on December 27th. Please if you have not known about this, she asks that you would hold her up in prayer. She has been a huge blessing to me over the years, as I know she has been to many watchers here. Lets hope that the remnant of His Body will soon be caught up without having to taste death. Shalom in 2012

"There's Nothing Random About The Universe!"

Upon further examination, this looks really really interesting. For all you Math Head Doves out there, this should get you going.......