BC (31 Dec 2011)
"Shroud of Turin / RCC"

Dear Whodathunkit and others,
There's a possibility that there are some individuals in the Vatican that would like to DIScredit the Shroud.  It was individuals inside the RCC that decided what corner of the Shroud to cut for the radiocarbon dating done in 1988.  It is well known that this dating, done by 3 or 4 top notch university labs, came up with a date from the middle ages.  Many people then wrote off the Shroud as a medieval fake.
Those of us who knew the supernatural complexities of the Shroud, realized that something in this testing must be flawed.  Around 2005, Sue Benford and Joe Marino theorized that the corner of the Shroud that was submitted for testing was not the same substance as the rest of the LINEN shroud, because of fluorescent photographs made by the STURP project.  Benford's theory stated that expert weavers from the middle ages rewove a torn corner using an invisible mending technique.  She was ridiculed by many scientist that had studied the Shroud AND many in the Catholic Church.  Renown scientist, Ray Rogers, said he could prove her theory wrong in ten minutes using a few fibers from the corner that was sampled.  Instead of proving her wrong, he saw microscopic evidence that the  linen fibers had been spliced and glued to another type of fiber. At an international conference in 2008, held at Ohio State University, Robert Villareal from the most prestigious Los Alamos National Lab, confirmed that the area that was carbon dated contained COTTON.  I was privileged to be at this conference when this exciting breakthrough was announced.  If anyone wants to see the videos go to www. shrouduniversity.com and click on the Ohio State logo.  You will see videos of many of the speakers I mentioned.  While you are there you can check out Dr. Petrus Soons, a Dutch scientist who has found HOLOGRAPHIC information on the Shroud. Also Avinoam Danin's report is quite remarkable.  He is a Jewish professor of botany who has found evidence that plants only found in the Jerusalem region touched the Shroud.   He has authored an amazing book,  "Flora of the Shroud".
I am sharing this information, not to show off my knowledge of the Shroud, but because it might help some skeptic of the resurrection to believe in our awesome Lord Jesus Christ.  After the disciple Thomas was shown the physical evidence of Christ's triumph over death, he exclaimed, "My Lord, and My God!"  So "whodathunk" God would also show this scientific generation physical proof of His love for them.  bc