BC (28 Dec 2011)

Dear Whodathunk,  Your post on the Shroud was full of errors.  So many that I am not going to even attempt to address all of them.  As a protestant believer with a degree in medical technology, I have studied information of the Shroud of Turin from the 1980's to the present.  I don't worship it, but I am in awe of all the information that I believe that God recorded on the Shroud at the time of Christ's resurrection.  If Christ gave physical conformation to Thomas, it is within His character to give physical evidence to the scientific doubters of our generation.  The "testimony" of the Shroud helped me come back to the Christian faith, after my college classes had caused me to stray.
Scientific information from some of the most intelligent scientists in the world support the Shroud's authenticity.
If you want to study them here are some references:  www.shroud.com, www.shrouduniversity.com, STURP, Ray Rogers, Sue Benford and Joe Marino, Robert Villareal from LANL, Petrus Soons, "The Real Face of Jesus" (on Youtube), "Unwrapping the Shroud" (great video).
There are many more references that I could give you, but you don't sound like you have an open mind.  If you would like to debate this privately, John can give you my contact information.  In fact, I give John permission to share my contact information with anyone who wants to know more about the Shroud.
The Catholic Church, by the way, does not claim that the Shroud is authentic or should be worshipped.   bc