Barry Amundsen (6 Dec 2011)
"Thanks to Lydia and elaborating what will the rapture be like"

Thank you Lydia,
Yes, I too have been amazed at the cavalier attitude by many believers on the subject of the rapture, just as you describe. There is a belief concerning the rapture that I feel is not scriptural wherein every believer will simply and suddenly vanish leaving startled unbelievers left behind to wonder where everyone went. I think this idea must have come from that scripture about "one taken and the other left" as well as popular books and movies and Larry Norman's song etc. however, there are many scriptural reasons that I believe that our rapture will not be like this at all.
(For one thing, I don't think that that scripture is about our rapture but actually is describing a copy devilish rapture to the battle of Armageddon, conducted by unclean spirits like frogs that gather people at random as described in Revelation. Jesus never revealed our rapture which is why Paul could still call it a "mysterion" something not yet revealed. Yet Jesus spoke of this other gathering and when His disciples asked in Luke's gospel where Lord? He said to the place where dead bodies fallen in battle are, where also flesh eating birds will gather. All of which is described in Revelation and it says that these spirits work miracles to gather people from all over the world at once to battle and they call it a great supper. We also are raptured to a great supper but a heavenly one. Satan copies God.)
Okay, so if that is not our rapture where one is taken and the other left, then how is our rapture described that differs from that scenario? Ours is very different from that. In that counterfeit rapture, the participant is "taken" yet in our rapture we are invited to go out to meet the Bridegroom and then enter with Him through an open door. This requires our choice to go to Him. Also there are certain things that are happening in a sequence such as graves opening and dead in Christ rise first. This would at least give us some amount of advance warning, however small because we are assured by Paul that the dead in Christ rise first and then we which are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the air. That part is missing from the one taken and the other left scenario.
Another big clue that seems to be ignored by the popular view is what the angel said at Jesus' ascension that when Jesus comes back for us, that He "would so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven". So how did Jesus go into heaven? Were the disciples standing there talking to Jesus and suddenly and without warning He vanished into thin air and left them wondering where He went? Of course not. He was speaking to them and as He spoke and as they watched He slowly began to rise up into the air and continued to rise until a cloud covered Him from their sight. They stood there looking up into the sky until the angel had to tell them to not stand here looking up but go and do what Jesus said to do. But I think it is a huge clue that Jesus tells us when you see certain things begin to come to pass THEN stand and look up your redemption draws nigh. And then we can expect to see Jesus literally float back down from the clouds and be seen up in the sky coming back for us. Or else the Angel could not have said that.
So now that those things are beginning to come to pass, we are perfectly in correct posture to be standing looking up at least in attitude, fully expecting Him to show up and I believe that He will come just as he left floating down from the sky one day. Well, for that to happen, He would have to be pretty close to the earth or no one would be able to see Him, right? That suggests to me that He will have to visit every town and village on earth calling people out of graves and then calling the alive and remaining. Or perhaps the dead rise all at once and then He will begin making the rounds to every place on earth to call believers to come up and join them. At least in my mind I cannot imagine any other way that Jesus could come back in the same manner that He left if we all just vanish and teleport into outer space somewhere.  
The point is that this does not look at all like most Christians have been led to believe the rapture will be like and yet this is what the Bible describes. It is for this reason that I believe that when the rapture begins to happen, many Christians will not even believe that it is the rapture and this is where discernment will be required in order to get in on time. Imagine if you were called to go outside because people were seeing a man flying down from the sky and you went outside and sure enough, there is a man flying in the sky and maybe other people flying up there with him. Would you be able to believe that it is Jesus and the rapture or would there be a possible fear and perhaps a discussion could break out among believers whether this indeed is it or what? Well, if the rapture does look like it was when Jesus left, then there would indeed be time for the wise and foolish virgins to have the exchange about the oil. The wise will be able to come to the proper conclusion that this must in fact be Jesus, but the foolish will not be able to be convinced until they study their Bible further (go buy more oil) to see if it fits. By the time they see that it does, it will be too late and the opportunity to get in will have passed.
Every description of the rapture that I know of seems to have the raptured ones participate in some way. Behold the bridegroom, go ye out to meet Him... Suggests that there is a participation on the part of the ones to whom He appears. They are not just lifted away automatically. Likewise, in our Old Testament example, where the Israelites are brought to the promised land, they are invited to go in and posses it and they could have done so by God's miracle but they feared the giants and would not go.
Is it possible that a similar sort of test may await us at our moment of invitation as well? If it does then some of our trusted teachers and Christian leaders have not prepared their people very well. For example, I heard Chuck Missler say to anyone who may have a post-trib view, he said, "That's okay, the rest of us will explain it to you on the way up..." And the audience laughed. The suggestion is that even if you don't believe in a pre-trib rapture, if you are a Christian you will be raptured just the same whether you like it or not. I have heard other Christians say the same thing too. But the Bible says to them who look for Him will He appear the second time. The proper expectation seems to be important in the Bible. Similarly, if someone has been led to believe that the rapture is a guarantee as a byproduct of salvation and if in fact it is not necessarily so, that could be a big problem.
The extra oil then to me is the knowledge of the Holy Spirit about these things as a result of putting Him first and being taught these things by Him so as not to be caught off guard when He comes.