Anthony Mak (31 Dec 2011)
"Nicole's "Woes of 2012""

What was said on your post about Hitler coming to power in late January reminded me that on January 23rd 2012, in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, its the beginning of the year of the DRAGON ( year of the Dragon's man, Antichrist?! ).
We've also entered into the 10th year of Dr. Richard Eby's departure on 26th Dec.2002 ( Dr. Eby's homegoing was also a Rapture watch timer but didn't know that it would be 10 years long...some had thought that it would be anything from 120 days to 7 years only )

Another interesting thought is that 29th Sept 2011 ( Feast of Trumpets ) was indeed the call to go meet the bridegroom but true to its word, there was a delay and the final call WILL come at "midnight".....this is maybe on midnight in Jerusalem on, 31st Dec OR if the delay lasts 120 days, then it will be on 27th January 2012, ( one day from Ron Reese's 28th! ) and 33days from Dr. Eby's 10th Year of departure if its on the 28th...Dec 31st is also 21 days from the Lunar Eclipse and 49 days from the eclipse if its on the 28th..